Out of Your Depth is a first person submarine operator simulator where you try to figure out what to do with the many buttons and read-out screens in front of you as WWIII is about to begin! In Out of Your Depth you take on the role of a submarineRead More →

Sons of Ra is a very slick board game styled competitive tower defense game where you face off against opponents and attempt to make your pharaoh the new ruler of Egypt. Playable in single-player or PvP multiplayer, Sons of Ra is an Ancient Egyptian themed tower defense game where playersRead More →

Drake Hollow is a great looking new cooperative multiplayer base-building horde-battling game from The Molasses Flood, creators of The Flame in the Flood. Remember the original mode in Fortnite before it became all about Battle Royale? Drake Hollow seems pretty similar to that, with you (and up to three otherRead More →

Feral Interactive’s GRID Autosport ($9.99) is a fantastic conversion of a great racing game. After arriving on iOS devices, Android users had been waiting quite a while for the premium racer to arrive on Google Play. GRID Autosport brought superb console quality racing to mobile and even made its wayRead More →

art of rally is a glorious throwback to the golden days of rally racing from the creator of Absolute Drift, allowing you to get behind the wheel of classic rally cars and race them through winding tracks across the world. Previously featured on Alpha Beta Gamer during the Beta SignRead More →