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The infamous saying, “Never work with animals or children,” was first spoken by W.C. Fields as a tip for those humans being forced to share the stage and screen. It is often still muttered by cast or crew members when one or the other shows up on set. And thatRead More →

Ahh … that time of year when the sun stays out longer and your gardens bloom stronger. When wintertransitions to spring, many people start some significant cleaning projects. Don’t leave your dog out of this ritual. Your dog’s dishes, toys, bedding — and even your dog herself — can benefitRead More →

When people chat about their pets, they reveal a surprising amount about themselves. Want some entertaining proof? Check out the dog podcast, We Don’t Deserve Dogs. It’s a podcast hosted by celebrity veterinarian Dr. Lisa Lippman and comedian Richie Redding. These two are a real-life couple, with a shared affinityRead More →