There is a certain animal getting a lot of attention this time of year. Rabbits are kinda cute, but canine kind is more than a hare more adorable. All traditions need to evolve, so maybe it’s time we replace the Easter Bunny with an Easter Dog! Consider what this festiveRead More →

At 93 years of age, Thomas Abraham has simple wants Pazhankanji, Kerala’s own super food made of rice gruel, and tapioca or jackfruit snacks. And that’s what he insisted on eating while confined in the isolation ward after becoming India’s oldest COVID-19 survivor in what is being dubbed by theRead More →

Regularly washing bedding will keep your pet happy and your home safe from contaminants. Dog beds are repositories for filth, allergens, and pests As we know, most dogs are not so delicate or discriminating as we are about how they interact with the world. They are adventurous and curious animalsRead More →

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